I understand that every customer has needs - and every customer needs their devices repaired. I also understand that some customers need their devices in order to earn. 


It needs to be understood that I am employed full time to a major I.T. firm and that is my priority. While I will handle your issues with urgency, my availability may vary depending on what my 9-5 has assigned. If I am unable to resolve your issue within a timely manner, your device(s) will be returned and no charges may be levied - depending on the situation. 


Diagnostic charges are not refundable. Assessment charges are not refundable.



This next part is entirely related to payments. While my 9-5 covers my needs, I offer these services on my own time because I love I.T. With the rising fuel prices, it is impossible for me to not bill for site visits, pick-ups and assessments. It is also not possible for me to write off any other delinquent clients without some repercussions. So here we go.


  • All complete jobs must be paid for.

  • If your device is not picked up after notification, it will be stored for no more than 30 days.

  • If 30 days have passed, you will be given 5 days' grace - after which the device will be sold/dumped to recover storage costs or reclaim storage space.

  • If your payment has lapsed, the invoice system will send reminders.

  • Excessive payment lapse will result in one of two actions.

    • If your device was not returned, it will be sold to recover costs.

    • If your device was returned, your details will be handed over to a collection agency - legal or otherwise.


While this seems harsh, please bear in mind that I've had individuals owe as little as JMD$500 and large companies as little as JMD$1,500 for extended periods of time. These are two mentions of multiple individuals and companies that have had outstanding balances varying from 4 years (2018-2022) to 3 months. 


The largest balances owed by individuals and companies as of this update (2022-01-16) have been running for over 3 years - and as a single I.T. engineer I cannot let it go any further. 



With that out of the way - I hope to have a good working relationship with you. It is unfortunate that "the good should suffer for the bad" as it's been said, but I cannot allow for any further delinquencies just because I love to see systems operating optimally.



As stated before - I have my 9-5 day job. That takes priority over everything else that I may take in. Here are some general guidelines.


  • A ticket must be created for all jobs using my ticket system.

  • If I am unable to repair within your specified timeline, I will refer elsewhere.

  • Cases where part ordering is required may have your item returned until the part has arrived.


Once the details on the scope of a job are worked out, we can get into having your issues resolved.