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A deposit is required for each job accepted unless covered by warranty. Payment for diagnostics must be made before any additional work/repair is done. After diagnostics have been completed you will be given an estimate for the work to be done. On completion of a job the balance must be paid before the device can be picked up. If i can't fix the problem, or if you decide to take back your device before diagnostics are done then the diagnostic fee will not be refunded.

Remote support payment is sometimes taken after the job is completed, depending on the requirements/scenario. If payment is not received within 3 business days of job completion then you will be blacklisted.

I don't stock parts. If something is needed for your device then I will facilitate the purchase. If you would like to make an online purchase please contact me so that I can point you in the right direction.

If I purchase something for you then the warranty received is transferred. Online purchases usually carry no warranty. If you are advised that the method to be employed is a last resort then no warranty is given.

  • All products purchased for you are new unless specifically noted otherwise.
  • For refund or exchange, most products may be returned within 15 days of original purchase (invoice date). Some products, such as notebook computers, tablets, iPads,desktop computers, monitors, memory, microprocessors, motherboards, internal and external hard drives and storage, cameras , IF UNUSED/UNOPENED, may be returned within 20 days of original purchase.
  • For returns, products must be in original packaging, with manuals, registration card, and must be undamaged, clean, and in brand new condition. Any physical damage will void any exchange/return privileges.
  • Items returned for refund may be subject to 15% restocking fee.
  • Special order items are not refundable.
  • Hard drives will have 1 year warranty provided the system unit is on a UPS. If no UPS is present and a drive is damaged then the warranty is voided.
These are the general terms where warranties are concerned. These may vary depending on the vendor that I get the parts from, but as I do not do sales the invoices are usually passed on to the customer. If you rather us managing the warranty with the vendor then the invoices are kept and the tickets updated accordingly.

All jobs completed must be paid for and picked up (or delivery requested) within 30 days of initial notification. If equipment is not paid for, picked up or a delivery requested within this time then a storage fee of JMD$500 per day will apply. After 60 days the item(s) will be sold to recover storage costs.
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