About Me

I'm an IT engineer that operates out of the Mandeville area in Jamaica. I've been into IT for years and got my first certification in 1995 while still in high school. Since then I've worked at various places including IBM Jamaica. 

I currently work for one of the largest IT companies in the island, so my day job keeps me busy. When I have free time on my hands I take on residential and sometimes commercial jobs that do not conflict with my day job. 

Due to the current landscape, my focus has shifted primarily to consultancy. If you require services that I personally provide, you'll have to bear in mind the disclaimer - work can ONLY be done during my available free time. Repairs may take longer than at one of the individuals or businesses that I'd refer you to.

The IT landscape is constantly evolving and I'm constantly learning in order to keep current. Certifications and skills I've acquired include:

Skills include (not limited to):