Always Customer-Centric

One of the things emphasized in the different courses I've done is ensuring the customer is satisfied. You may not be an IT person or IT savvy, so it's my job to ensure that your device(s) run properly. Most checks can be done using the remote support tools, and some repairs can also be done remotely. If the device(s) happen to be non-functional or remote repairs are not possible, then we can always arrange to have the device picked up or dropped off at any of the PC stores that I'm affiliated with. Some of the services I offer are listed below.

Ticket System

I believe that there shouldn't ever be a "key man" in the business. If ever you decide to use another technician, a full log of work done will be available in the ticket system.

Data Recovery

If failure of a drive was not detected early, then I can attempt recovery with various methods. If this fails then there is usually only a diagnostic charge.

Backup Services

With the new wave of viruses and cyber attacks, it's best to have some form of backup - local or cloud - to ensure your important files are safe. I'll help with getting this set up for you.

Remote Assistance

No need to take your device if the OS can start. Simply download one of the remote tools available to grant me access and diagnostics or repairs can be done.

General Repairs

With the resources available I will get repairs done to your PC, Mac, Laptop, Tablet, Phones and Printers. If it's an IT item I can repair it.


From planning to rollout and infrastructure to administration. If you need to get it done, I'll provide the solution. Already have a network? Testing and certification can be done.

Don't See What You Want?

If you don't see a specific IT repair that you need, simply contact me to find out if the service is available.

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