General Links

This page is for additional links on and off-site.  

Let's just get right into it. Each section will have links on the left to the item/product. Please bear in mind that the details given are entirely my opinion. If you have a bad experience with a product (say you rather AWS vs Contabo) then that's fine. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. In the same way some person never had problems with Toyota while others swear by Honda - your individual experience with a product or service will vary. Those below I've either used and endorse, or know of and post the links because I believe it's a good product/service.

My current web hosting provider. GlowHost is really good with their overall service. Migration was mostly painless and their support is AWESOME!

Contabo was my hosting and VPS provider. Their services are exceptional for the pricing, but their lack of support for one of the main tools I use - InvoiceNinja - prompted my move. The issue I had was - they supported V4 but not the later versions of V4. Their back-end lists V5 but attempts to install all failed. After multiple attempts to update, there was no choice but to move. GlowHost (above) was AWESOME with the process. 

I still recommend Contabo for VPS services however.

Remote Utilities is my go-to tool for any remote support. The pricing model is great and I recommend this to all IT persons just starting or well established.

AnyDesk is the up and coming contender in the remote support market. They've made big waves and have become the primary tool used by most techs. Very easy to setup, but sometimes will have connection issues at the start. Usually a reboot of the system makes it work fine.

TeamViewer is the most popular remote assistance program today. I have a license for version 11 and I'm not able to connect to higher versions (12+). I can connect to older versions, but the new policies make it difficult. If you need assistance using this product you will have to download my specific version.

OSTicket is what I use for logging all jobs. While there are many different products available - this is my preferred self-hosted solution. It's always being improved and has a GREAT support forum!

InvoiceNinja is the invoiceing tool that I use. Like OSTicket, there are other options available - but InvoiceNinja is awesome. It allows you to set recurring invoices, reminders and even has payment portals available!

I'd like to place this one here as an honourable mention. ScreenConnect was my preferred mode for remote assitance. It allowed me to connect using my phone if I'm away from a PC/laptop and the features are really great. There are some personal reasons why I've mostly switched, but those would be discussed if you get in touch.

I'll probably add more links and details as things progress. I'm going to leave some additional links below for Contabo because I hold them in high regard. As for myself? I've said it before on other pages. I'm a technician that's been doing this with certification since 1995. I've worked at a number of places and always do my best to keep current with my field. If you need assistance or more information please feel free to contact me. Have a good one!