Remote Assistance

Let's Try This First.....

While some problems will require the device to physically be picked up or delivered, many problems can be fixed using remote support. Currently 
RustDesk is the preferred method, but one of the others may be needed depending on the situation. 

So to review:

The video below should give an idea of how to get support when using Windows. You may also open the video directly from the link below.

For each item below the video, please click on the icon above the text to open the relevant tool. If you'd like to use another tool not listed here such as AnyDesk - please get in touch beforehand.

You can see this blog post as to why I avoid using AnyDesk currently


RustDesk is the preferred option if I need to provide support from my mobile phone or to MAC devices. 

Remote Utilites
(Run Only Agent)

This is similar to TeamViewer Quick Support. It does not install and will allow me to connect. Simply provide the ID and password.

Remote Utilities

This program is similar to the TeamViewer Host in the way it works. Provide me with the ID and password after installing and I will connect to the system.

TeamViewer 11 - QS

The QuickSupport module does not require installation. All you do is download and run. You will have to authorize the connection for me to get on the system.

TeamViewer QS Link

If you're having problems downloading - or if you have a MAC - use this link to get TeamViewer and provide the details for me to connect to the system.

TeamViewer 11

This I have a license for - which is why I use this version. You may download/install and provide the ID and password for me to connect.

TeamViewer 11 Portable

For the more tech-savvy persons, this is the portable version which does not require any installation. Run it and provide the ID and password for me to connect.

TeamViewer 11 - Host

This is used to give unlimited access to a PC/laptop with no authentication needed for me to connect.