Windows 7/8/10 Can’t Find Installed Program

Have you ever gotten this as an issue?

“Windows cannot find ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\Program\ProgramName.exe”

For example:

“Windows cannot find ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\TeamViewer\TeamViewer.exe”

While I’ve seen it before I’ve not had the need to fix it until recently.

So I did some digging and came upon this as a solution.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options

delete the key labeled “teamviewer.exe”

this also applies to windows cannot find skype.exe,just replace teamviewer.exe with skype.exe…

This probably also applies to other programs with the same problem.

The information was found at the link below and the credit goes to the user that posted the info – RickRosendaal

Hopefully this helps everyone else that may have come across issues like this.