RustDesk Problems & Solution

It’s come to my attention recently that RustDesk servers are under DoS attacks. This has resulted in problems with connecting to systems. The current workaround is to simply use Remote Utilities – my preferred solution. There are times however, that RustDesk will be required either if I’m on the road and unable to use may laptop/desktop, or if I need to provide support to a Mac. Fortunately, there’s still a solution to that.

Simply get the app started and then click on one of the two options shown by the arrows. This should take you to the settings page.

Once on the settings page, go to NETWORK and then fill in the two options for ID and RELAY servers. This information will be provided by me once you get in touch.

On completion of that – hit APPLY and then close the settings page or click back where it says HOME in the top left. I should then be able to connect.

The only down-side to this is it routes traffic through a custom server. If you intend to get support from other persons you’ll either have to input their server details or wait until RustDesk has resolved their DoS issues.

Hopefully that information helps. For a discussion on the issue you can see the link below.



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