2021-2022 Cleaning

So I’m just putting this here. Each year I try to clean up and clear out things that I have for various persons/customers and many times things don’t get picked up. I’ve literally had some items for more than 5 years – some more than 10 years – and I’m seriously going to be clearing out by or before January 2022.

If I have a device that belongs to you – request it back before then. If I’m working on something for you – request an update. I am not going into next year with any open tickets in my system. Everything needs to be purged or updated. Whatever’s not working – you either take it back or I dump it.

Without giving names – for privacy – you can review and see if any of these are yours. If your device isn’t listed then please reference your ticket number or other details for me to locate and return your device. If you don’t want it – it will be dumped or donated.

I have:

  • 1x Printer (HP)
  • 1x Printer (Epson)
  • 1x iMac
  • 1x Laptop (Acer)
  • 1x Laptop (HP)
  • 1x Desktop (DELL)

These are the only items that belong to clients that I’m still working on. The printer I’ve had for 5+ years and will be dumping soon. The Acer I’ve located because it was packed away with other things – so I’m testing to return. The Mac I’ll be returning soon if I can’t get anything out of it. The owner of the Mac also owns the printer. Both need to go, and I’ll be working on that by or before the end of November. The DELL desktop has been in my possession for maybe 10+ years. The owner has moved to laptops in the household so I will be dumping if no action is taken.

The last HP laptop – I cannot get a sale for since it has either a board or screen issue, and the internal storage is 64GB EMMC. I’ll be returning that in the next week or two.

That concludes everything. I should have everyone sorted by or before the end of this year. I NEED things to be streamlined by or before 2022. Whatever I can’t do I’ll pass on to someone else. Time is an issue with my day job, so please let me know what should be done with your items. If I get no communication by January 1, 2022 – I will just dump or give away everything.

Browser Certificate Errors

Recently I’ve gotten a few calls about “Certificate Errors” with browsers on various Windows installs. Quick version – solution in link to Microsoft.


This happens when updates aren’t installed, but that’s another story. Been seeing recently where updates are breaking Windows functions, especially with network printing. Will touch on that later/tomorrow.

Download the update from the link above if you keep getting certificate errors from trusted sites such as Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, YouTube, etc.

One user attempted to test from a site called “ttyoutube” which I had to explain is not a trusted site. While other websites exist to help with downloading videos from YouTube and other sites, you run a risk of malware installations by using those sites. Pop-ups and tracking cookies are hopefully the only things you’ll encounter.

Hopefully this will help if you find yourself with errors while browsing known good sites.