FireFox Updated – 2021-06-08 – Faster

Well – this was a bit unexpected. With the various browsers available there was a large market share by Google Chrome. This may not shift as people don’t really care generally, but there were some privacy issues with it that came to light in more recent times.

That last link is about a privacy lawsuit. People concerned about that have stepped away, but I doubt it will reduce the number of users by any significant amount.

I’ve always used a number of browsers for various things. Currently installed I have:

  1. Edge (no choice here).
  2. Opera.
  3. Google Chrome.
  4. Mozilla FireFox

FireFox has been pretty decent, but always had a major issue with closing multiple tabs. If you even had 2 open tabs, once you close the browser it would sit for a while before the “close multiple tabs and exit” prompt would appear. The workaround would be to close EVERY SINGLE TAB before finally exiting.

In my current tests, I’m glad to say that this issue seems resolved. This is as of 2021-06-08 on FireFox version 89.0. Take it for a test drive if you like. Link is below.

Updating Invoice Ninja v4 on Shared Hosting



This post is related to a prior one done about installing InvoiceNinja on shared hosting. You can view that at the link below.

Thanks for this go to @david and @hillel on the InvoiceNinja forums. Keep up the good work guys!

I’ve not found another dedicated invoice system that works better. I highly recommend the paid version for persons who can afford it. It would remove the hassle of having to do all the work on the back-end and also remove all of the system requirements.

This assumes you already have a v4 installation present.


You cannot directly update from v4 to v5. If you attempt this – stuff may not work. Will probably cover this later on (if I get it working). As of this writing there is no way to install v5 without PROC_OPEN available.


Before doing an update – above all else – it would be best to have a PHP option called PROC_OPEN available. Without this a lot of things may fail. So let’s list them.

  • PHP 7.3.
    • For v4 (4.5.39 as of this post) do not pass PHP 7.3 – it may cause problems.
  • proc_open (PHP).
  • FTP client (like FileZilla).

This I would class as medium difficulty. So here we go. There are two main methods.


If your hosting provider allows proc_open then simply:

  1. Download the latest v4 (4.5.39 as of this post).
  2. Extract the files.
  3. Backup your ENV file.
  4. Upload the contents of the ZIP to your web folder/directory.
    • Overwrite all files.

That’s it. Navigate to your invoice URL after and use it. The second method however is a bit more tedious.


This takes a bit more time. A listing of what to do would be:

  • Backup your database.
  • Export your settings (just in case).
  • Remove 2FA (if enabled). You can put it back when done.
  • Rename the current folder (ninja) to something else (ninja.old).
  • Download and extract the current v4.
  • Create your usual working folder (ninja).
  • Upload your extracted updated v4 to the folder (ninja).
  • Go through the setup process – but point the database settings to the existing DB.
    • You may use all of your original credentials/passwords.
  • Log in with your credentials.
  • Verify everything is working.
  • Setup 2FA once more if you had it before.
    • Or set it up just because.

I’ll be editing this post later on and adding photos of the steps – but for getting the information out there – that’s it. Hopefully this will help you with updating your InvoiceNinja.

Invoice System Temporarily Down

So with the updates done by my hosting provider – I had to make changes to the invoice system. In doing so I did some really dumb things – like attempt updates without backup. So now the invoice system is down and I’m working on getting it back up. The good thing is that I can probably get it working. The BAD thing is I may lose all prior information. I really hope not – working on it and will update.

This is as a result of older PHP versions being totally deprecated and forced upgrades for everyone. I’m not a “software” person and me alone managing the site plus doing my day job makes this….difficult somewhat. So please bear with me until I get this resolved.