2023-04-05 Update

Good morning all – it’s 6:34AM at the time of this post. Just updating to advice that I’m sick – been sick from 2023-03-31. Caught a cold/flu from my kid and I’ve been really out of it. Self-medicating and taking natural remedies to try and push through, but it’s been one of the worst episodes so far. This has headache – likely due to sinus pressure – accompanied by weakness and a lowered appetite.

I’m on the mend now, so should be back in full swing soon, but it’s placed most of the work I have to do on pause.

Oh yeah – forgot to mention the lovely ISP – FLOW – that has been giving me problems from 2022-09 (September last year) with a major issue as of the same time I got sick. They resolved the major issue on Sunday – 2023-04-02 – so I finally have service again and can acquire tools/drivers/AV updates to proceed with diagnostics for the devices that I have.

The last part of the discussion with FLOW is below. They’ve still not sorted my rebate – as usual.

For those who I have work to complete – I’m hoping to have everything done by or before this weekend. Your devices should be returned to you by Monday – 2023-04-10 – all things being equal.

I apologize for the delays as a result of this – looking forward to your continued support.