2022-11-19 – Remote Support Update (Finalized?)

So it’s been a while – as usual – but I only post when there’s some update NEEDED. And now it’s needed. The title has a question mark because I have no idea what will happen in the future. I was using TeamViewer – moved to ConnectWise – moved to AnyDesk – and now I’m mostly finalized on Remote Utilities.

I’ve been using Remote Utilities from 2018, but due to it not being as popular – and some AVs flagging it – I was still mostly on TeamViewer. I’ll put links at the bottom of this for you to read the previous information if you need to – let’s get right into how you’ll receive remote support from me.

For details on why the move and such – see the Links & Info at the bottom of the page.


Remote Utilities
MAC Support – TeamViewer
MAC Support – AnyDesk
Links & Info

Remote Utilities

Please note that at this time Remote Utilities only supports WINDOWS. If you have a MAC, please use the information below for TeamViewer.

First you should head to the main site. The REMOTE ASSISTANCE link is below.


Once you’re there, select the RUN ONLY AGENT. It’s the first option.

From there it should download a file. Locate and run it.

You will likely receive a UAC prompt to run the file. Click YES.

You will then receive an ID and password on a small screen. Provide that information to me. Once done I’ll be able to connect.

This does not install anything on your computer. It is a one-time run that allows me to connect. If you’d like to get the files directly from the original site – simply go here:


Go to FREE DOWNLOAD – then select the option for the AGENT.

MAC Support

Unfortunately, Remote Utilities does not have a MAC version at this time. You’ll need to use TeamViewer (preferred) or AnyDesk.

MAC – TeamViewer

Go to the REMOTE SUPPORT section of the main website.


Scroll down until you see TEAMVIEWER 11 QS.

Click on the writing or the icon above it. This will take you to the official TeamViewer download page for my custom version.

Depending on your connection speed it may take some time to complete.

Run the file once it’s done.

If you get the error below – go to SHOW IN FINDER.

Hold the CONTROL button and click on the file. Then go to OPEN.

This will add the file to your security exceptions. You can then open it normally going forward. Simply hit OPEN thereafter.

This will run the program and provide the ID/Password that’s needed for me to connect.

That is all that’s needed for MAC. If by some chance we can’t get connected this way, then we’ll have to resort to AnyDesk. I’ll link that information below.

Here I’ll be placing information regarding remote support in general. First up however, will be the information regarding AnyDesk. This may be needed for support. It has information from an older version – and older version of their website – but the concept still applies.

AnyDesk – Windows & Mac

Now. I do have a subscription to AnyDesk (which I won’t be renewing) but the reason is linked below.

Moving From AnyDesk

Remote Software Info

The reason I use Remote Utilities and not the others is due to licensing. There’s also the fact that TeamViewer used forced obsolescence to move persons to the new version. While I agree that

Moving FROM AnyDesk

Yes – you saw right. After some time of “grabbing the market” – AnyDesk has now moved to a position similar to TeamViewer. At least TeamViewer started with perpetual licenses – which I still have one for an older version. What this means for ME personally is my primary tool will be Remote Utilities, and persons on Mac will have to use TeamViewer. I’ll post information and instructions later on.