Hosting Move – Update 2022-10-31

Hi everyone. As you saw in the last post, I had to move providers due to issues with my invoice and ticket systems. I thought everything was working, but there was another problem that was no fault of the new provider – a technical issue that required additional manual updating. This was completed at 6:30PM today and systems should now be up.

The main site is not yet dealt with – having issues manually moving that.

For the more tech-savvy persons, here’s a general breakdown.

Invoice system (Invoice Ninja) was on V4 and was updated to V5. This was almost entirely done by the new provider, but there were some glitches that needed to be worked out. The hosting provider was AWESOME with getting it resolved.

Ticket system (OSTicket) was migrated by the provider and everything was fine. Update done to latest version (1.17) but there’s a bug that was found a few days ago with the mail system. Had to update to 1.17.x to resolve that – but it took some testing to verify that the system was actually not working and then further checks to find the workaround. Other option would have been a downgrade.

Wiki still needs some work – quite a bit actually – but at least I managed to get that part working.

There are other sections of the site that still need work, but I should be able to move forward from here. Hopefully the ticket/invoice updates will be done more frequently now that the system is up.

When will the main site be sorted out? Good question. I’ve not done HTML for a LOOOOONG time – may have to pay someone to get it done if friends that do it aren’t able to help. Will see how it goes.

Hosting Move

So I’m in the process of moving hosting providers. Costs a bit more – but peace of mind. Old hosting provider (Contabo) suddenly stopped supporting Invoice Ninja – the main thing I use for invoicing. And some things just don’t seem to work as well.

The new hosting provider – GlowHost – is absolutely awesome for web hosting. The site loads faster due to it being closer servers – the customer service (ticket system) gives FAST responses. The tech support is REALLY helpful and they helped with migration at no extra cost – even fixing my issues with Invoice Ninja.

So as it stands – if you want a VPS – Contabo. If you want hosting that likely supports the tools you want? GlowHost.