Accidental Spyware Installation

In a previous entry we talked about recent viruses and spyware that have been on the rise in 2015. Here we will go through the installation of a program that we want which is bundled with spyware.

PowerISO is a disc image application for managing ISO and other images. It can be used to modify an image (add/remove files) and mount images as well. The problem is that it has bundled spyware in the installer. While some installers may have good programs bundled, the fact is that you don’t want any third-party programs – just the one that you downloaded. So let’s start the installation from the downloaded file.

PowerISO Installation 01We agree to the license and continue.

PowerISO Installation 02This is something that we don’t want – so we skip.

PowerISO Installation 03We don’t want this either – so go to CUSTOM and uncheck this then hit NEXT.

PowerISO Installation 04TuneUp Utilities is a good piece of software and was acquired by AVG who makes an antivirus package. While it is good, personally I don’t trust installing through a third party – so uncheck the box and click NEXT.

PowerISO Installation 05After all of that we finally get to where the files will be installed – and hit NEXT.

PowerISO Installation 06Once it’s done – NEXT.

PowerISO Installation 07Once we get to this point we’re done! Set up the virtual drives if you want  – select the files you want to associate with the program and integrate with the Windows Shell if you want. I’d recommend unchecking the update option so that you don’t accidentally download and install anything you don’t want to. Just repeat the steps above if you do actually update.

If the options have changed in any newer versions in the future then just be sure you uncheck and skip all additional installations.



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