FireFox Updated – 2021-06-08 – Faster

Well – this was a bit unexpected. With the various browsers available there was a large market share by Google Chrome. This may not shift as people don’t really care generally, but there were some privacy issues with it that came to light in more recent times.

That last link is about a privacy lawsuit. People concerned about that have stepped away, but I doubt it will reduce the number of users by any significant amount.

I’ve always used a number of browsers for various things. Currently installed I have:

  1. Edge (no choice here).
  2. Opera.
  3. Google Chrome.
  4. Mozilla FireFox

FireFox has been pretty decent, but always had a major issue with closing multiple tabs. If you even had 2 open tabs, once you close the browser it would sit for a while before the “close multiple tabs and exit” prompt would appear. The workaround would be to close EVERY SINGLE TAB before finally exiting.

In my current tests, I’m glad to say that this issue seems resolved. This is as of 2021-06-08 on FireFox version 89.0. Take it for a test drive if you like. Link is below.



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