AnyDesk Update – Version 7

Hi everyone. This update is done from my phone, so no photos or anything yet. I’ll probably update this post with some pictures and added links once I’m able to.

UPDATE – 2022 – As of version 7.0.4 the profiles issue (mentioned below) has been fixed.

So as you know, I’ve been using AnyDesk as my primary support tool in more recent times. While not as fully featured as ScreenConnect or TeamViewer, it gets things done nicely.

The latest update adds a feature that still needs some work, but will be useful when all bugs are worked out. That would be what I’d call “connection profiles” – official name is “Permission Profiles”.

The update comes with 4 existing profiles that you can tailor, and a menu item suggesting more custom profiles can be added, however that presently doesn’t work. Still, 4 should be enough for most persons to define their connections. What’s available so far are:

  • Default
  • Screen Sharing
  • Full Access
  • Unattended Access

You can specify the level of control each profile will have, and set passwords for each. If you’re a technical user, you can specify access for yourself and others. If you’re an admin, you can set your access and secondary access for assistance when you’re not fully available.

Again, 4 should be enough but I’m waiting for future updates when the profiles can probably be renamed and custom ones added.

As a workaround – if you happen to click on the “ADD PROFILE” option and find a blank page like below – don’t worry about it. Simply close the window and then go back in settings (if you need to) or – if you JUST clicked it – just hit ENTER on the keyboard to get rid of the screen and get back to the settings.



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