Good night everyone. This will be my final post on the matter of outstanding balances for this year (2022) before I get back to regular tech posts – periodically.

I checked today and it will cost 30% of what is owed plus GCT. I don’t mind since something is better than nothing – and with some persons with outstanding amounts, that’s been the case for months/years.

If JPS/NWC is not paid then your service is disconnected. I may not be as large as they are, but I do have overheads that need to be addressed. Having me tied out for an extended period of time makes me have to shift things up. As a client – if you had to wait until you paid everything up front, you’d have been highly inconvenienced and unable to meet deadlines or get work done. I usually get the job done beforehand as most persons need their equipment in order to earn.

Let’s leave it at that. Let’s hope that the general outlook for persons in 2022 will improve, and persons will be more forthcoming with their status.



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