Getting Remote Support

If you’re looking for remote support from me, you just need to download and run one of these available tools. Firstly – follow the link below.



Depending on your browser or settings, you may get an error when you try to open the first link. That may happen if you’re running an older OS (Windows 7) and your certificates are not up to date.

You’ll get that page above which has a number of different tools as you can see. For primary support, please go to the highlighted REMOTE UTILITIES.

Once that page loads there are again a number of options. Depending on what your needs are we will use either #1 highlighted in red, or #2 highlighted in blue.

The first option is for persons that need immediate support and do not want unattended access. While it does ask for elevated privileges, you can bypass this if you do not have administrative rights to your system.

The second option is for persons that will be using support on a regular basis. This installs the host which will allow me to connect whenever you call/message for remote assistance.

Other Platforms

If you happen to need support on Mac then please follow the instructions for AnyDesk in the link below.


Remote Utilities currently does not support Mac, so I have no choice but to use that for now.

You may also use TeamViewer 11 if you have access to that.

In Closing

As stated in the previous post, I’m moving fully to Remote Utilities because clients (in Jamaica) don’t want to support the subscription model. Primarily that. I do have a perpetual license for TeamViewer 11 and can use that if needs be. AnyDesk has a free option which works for most one-off support if needed. Contact me beforehand so we can arrange the remote support and discuss which tool is best to be used.



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