Remote Tools – 2023 Update

Hi all. I’ve done this before, but I think I need to put everything where it can easily be found. There’s a link on the main site here – so let’s get into why I choose the tools that I do.


This is free and open source. This makes it very easy to acquire and use on ANY platform. This is the choice for when I’m on the road as it works on my phone. I also rather using this tool for supporting Apple/MAC. I’ll need ID/password in order to connect.

RustDesk is somewhere between #1 and #2 with the next option below. The only reason it’s placed first in this list is the Apple/MAC support.

Remote Utilities

I have a license for this and it’s my preferred tool for use on PC/Windows. This has two primary modules that I use.

  • HOST

The AGENT is the “run-only” tool. It does not install and gives me access to the system. You provide the ID/password and once the program is closed – no more access.

The HOST is what’s installed for clients that I do regular support. It allows me to connect to the system without you having to provide an ID/password.

Remote Utilities is my go-to remote support tool. The only time I don’t use it is for certain quick support scenarios and for supporting Apple/MAC.

TeamViewer 11

For this, you’ll have to download version 11 as my license does not allow me to connect to newer version. Due to TeamViewer retiring this version however, it sometimes gives issues to connect. This is my #3 in the list because I have a license – but it does give some issues with Windows 10/11 and newer versions of Apple/MAC.

TeamViewer was the most popular tool – probably still is – but the licensing has made it difficult for me to keep up, and I’m not into paying yearly to use it.

Newer TeamViewer?

I can connect with a newer version if needed, but I will then move to running a portable version of something else, or installing something else if I’m allowed. There is a time limit if you’re not using a licensed version and provide support exceeding a certain amount of time, or number of connections per week.


This is the #4 on my list. I used it and had a license for a time, but I chose not to continue. They’ve changed their operation model – much like TeamViewer with the licensing – but it’s still a good tool to use. As of this writing, the current issue is the restriction of 5 devices per week if I recall. I will use it if it’s what you have, but – like TeamViewer – I will connect then use a portable remote tool or install one that I rather if I’m allowed to do so.


I will use any remote tool that you require once I’m able to. If I’m on the road, I will request RustDesk. I rather the use of the tools I’ve paid for or the free ones, but some persons may be more familiar with a particular one, or already have one installed. I’ll work with what you’ve got or are familiar with – once I have access I will set up what I need if allowed, or run a portable version and create an easy to find shortcut so you can run it again in future.



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