2023-09 – Cleanup

Good morning everyone. Once again I’m going through a cleanup phase.

If I have a device for you (laptop/desktop) with a ticket, you’ll be notified and it will be delivered back to you. In this instance, it’s likely that the device needs parts. Once parts have been purchased, I will collect the item again to do work.

If the device has a ticket and need to be sent for board level repairs, we will discuss.

If I have a device for you and there is NO TICKET in the system – this is either free work or something that was overlooked and should have been put on.

All persons will be contacted and devices will either be returned as they were or returned after repairs are completed.

Some persons may get free or reduced cost repairs due to the length of time I’ve had the items.

If for some reason I’m unable to make contact with you, the item/s will be kept for an additional month and then dumped.

To ensure that persons don’t try to claim things that don’t belong to them, information will be required to identify the device. A serial number, specific sticker or marking will be required. For devices that data can be accessed, a specific file that’s on the device or something that can identify you as the owner will be required.

I keep doing these cleanups each year (or few years) but I’m working towards making this the last one. My work focus has shifted based on the dynamics of the job, and any extracurricular projects taken on must be completed within a short space of time. Remote work will also be limited to a cutoff time of 8:30PM.

More details will follow as needed.



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